• Recent Prize Winner

    Lincoln in the Bardo (George Saunders)

    Lincoln in the Bardo Author: George Saunders List: Recent Prize Winner (Man Booker, 2017) Category: Orpheus Year of publication: 2017 Pages: 343 Goodreads: Lincoln in the Bardo     “Dealing [...]
  • Recent Prize Winner

    The Silence of the Girls (Pat Barker)

    The Silence of the Girls Author: Pat Barker Label: Recent Prize Winner Year of publication: 2018 Pages: 288 Goodreads: The Silence of the girls            
  • Open Option

    Butcher’s Crossing (John Williams)

    Butcher’s Crossing Author: John Williams List: Open Option Year of publication: 1960 Pages: 274 Goodreads: Butcher’s Crossing     “A Western about the loss of the Frontier; full of adventure, [...]
  • Recent Prize Winner

    Home Fire (Kamila Shamsie)

    Home Fire Author: Kamila Shamsie Year of publication: 2017 List: Recent Prize Winner (2017 Long List) Pages: 276 Goodreads: Home Fire            
  • Open Option

    The Music Shop (Rachel Joyce)

    The Music Shop Author: Rachel Joyce List: Open Option Project: Orpheus Year of publication: 2017 Pages: 368 Goodreads: The Music Shop     “A different kind of love story with [...]

Man Booker Shortlist 2020

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The Queen’s Gambit (Walter Trevis)

by jng in Open Option 0

The Queen’s Gambit Author: Walter Trevis Year of publication: 1983 Pages: 256 Goodreads: The Queen’s Gambit              

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The Wall (John Lanchester)

Open Option

The Wall Author: John Lanchester List: Open Option (Man Booker Longlist 2019) Project:  dystopia – government / environmental / social injustice Year of publication: 2019 Pages: 276 Goodreads: The Wall